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In this bali magazine section, we bring you stories which focus on Bali.

We take a peep through the dark facade of Balinese night to see what lurks behind the shadows.

Down the Back Alleys of Paradise
by Ni Jegeg

Made Lebah - the passing of a great musician.

At the age of 91, the most knowledgeable living Balinese musician and a man who has been a musical father to many of the musicians who play Balinese music, has finally left the frail reality of his human body. Made Lebah was buried on the 19th November 1996 at 6.00 in the evening WITA.

Business a la Bali Budaya
by Jack Michaelson

Jack takes a business-like look at the mind of a successful artifact trader in Bali. He discovers more in the philosophy of Wayan Sila than he had imagined.

The Perancak Cup is one of three special race meetings held every year in Jembrana, the most western region of Bali. .

Join Ni Jegeg for the excitement of buffalo racing at its Balinese best.

Join us in a little nostalgia as we re-live the halcyon days of the Bali Post's English Corner.

LOVE ME AND LEAVE ME by Kadek Mataram, tells the strangely human tale of a holiday romance.

Cartoon by Wayan Sadha

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